1977 Triumph 750 Bonnevile "Silver Jubilee", Unit 0001 of 1000


After a very thorough clean, polish, and tune, our customer has authorized us to put his 1977 Triumph Bonneville 750 "Silver Jubilee" up for sale. This Triumph Bonneville 750 is a "Collector's Dream" as it is a One-Owner, Unrestored motorcycle due to its exceptional condition since it rolled out of the factory and has 9764 original miles on it from new.

Serial number is: CP81652 and Factory Cerificate lists this machine as 0001 out of 1000. Our customer is asking $14,999 US Or Best Offer. Low mileage, original, unrestored, one owner versus multiple owners and Certificate 0001 make this Triumph Bonneville 750 Silver Jubilee Limited Edition a very unique find.

It is a joy to ride and started on the second kick after ignition points were replaced, valves adjusted, carbs rebuilt and new correct Dunlop K70 tires mounted. The photo above was from the day when we picked up the bike. We put over 100 hours of work into this Triumph Bonneville as it is worth it. A list of what we did to this bike is attached on the Italianiron.com website under Bikes for Sale.

However items of note are:

- Disassembled frt forks, cleaned & replaced seals/dust boots. Replaced ATF fluid

- Rebuilt front & rear calipers, new brake pads, new hoses and bled systems

- Rebuilt carbs with new gaskets, "o" rings and mixture screws

- Reset ignition timing of both cylinders to 38 degrees BTDC at full advance

- Adjusted valve lash to .008" on intake and .006" on exhaust valves

- Drained frame & engine sump, cleaned filters, reinstalled with new gaskets etc

- Removed Left Side Cover, Replaced Gearshift Shaft "o" ring and gasket after adjusting Chain Tension of Primary Drive Chain.

- Repaired Tachometer Right Angle Drive

The color scheme of this Silver Jubilee is very striking. As a result, we have just cleaned and polished the original paint to take it back to a stellar state of luster. As mentioned in the ad for this bike, there is an additional set of NOS side covers and NOS rear seat cover still in their original boxes that will accompany this purchase.

There is one flaw and that is a nick in the blue stripe on the left top of the tank that was never fixed to maintain authenticity. It is remarkable how modern polishing compounds can bring the color of the paint back to life.

This is a striking machine from all views and will be a great addition to an enthusiasts stable. A motorcycle in this original state is not very common. Additionally, this Triumph Bonneville 750 is a great rider's bike as it is nimble, powerful and comfortable.

Interesting that there was a UK version and a US version that look very different. I have read that many in the UK were not as fond of the aesthetics of the UK model. I honestly would agree as I prefer the more rounded look of a more traditional Triumph Bonneville and the US "Silver Jubilee" version of this Triumph model.

This machine will come with a valid US title, factory material regarding the Silver Jubilee edition, NOS side covers, and NOS factory seat cover in the original box. Additionally, I have years of experience in shipping motorcycles internationally and can work on getting very competitive shipping rates whether ground, sea or air. Feel free to e-mail me at: italiainiron@msn.com, or call 520-730-7576