1989 Honda RC 30 V4 Superbike


For purchase is a 1989 Honda RC 30 V4 Canadian model of Superbike with full Micron race exhaust. The significance of this fact is that this is not one of the detuned models that came into the US. This race bike was one of 50 sent to Canada and puts out between 125 and 128 BHP. This engine was built to race by HRC and acclaimed Honda engine builder Ray Plumb. All of Mr Plumb's paperwork that lays out the engine build with HRC factory parts will accompany this sale. Though built as a race bike, there are 5 or fewer race hours. Do look at the photos of the intake tracts and the HRC factory cams as they appear to be almost new. This engine also has the aluminum radiator sand deep sump. Since the first owner purchased this bike for the street, it has covered only 1709 KM since then. This Honda RC30 with original factory bodywork has been sitting since 1999 and is now again in running condition.

Included in this sale are extra parts such as stock crankshaft, cams, shallow sump, extra gearing, stock shock, oil cooler, stock steel rear spindle, stock rear steel brake disk, stock rear wheel 18" and HRC factory rear stand. Currently this HRC race bike has aluminum rear spindle with brake disk installed, and Fox rear shock. This RC30 comes with valid US title and Arizona registration. More photos can be supplied upon request. We will be getting it to the dyno shortly and will post those statistics.