Ducati TT 2 Carbon Fibre Fairing Kit

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For purchase is our new TT 2 fairing kit in carbon fibre that we are offering in addition to our glass fibre bodywork offerings. Carbon fibre seat is available for purchase separately. Shown below is an example of the carbon fibre bodywork with red gelcoat on the exterior that is just brilliant. Whereas the cost of carbon fibre is approximately 50% more than glass fibre, we believe that we can offset a good portion of that cost difference by minimizing painting costs. Due to the rich depth of the red gelcoat, only the TT 2 striping and/or number boards need to painted on to the red to complete your racers bodywork for competition or for the street. Shown below is a my TT 2 to illustrate the yellow striping that will need to be painted. That bodywork is also available with recesses for headlamps such as in the example of my TT 1 with blue on red livery. Price quoted for race fairing set. Street fairing piece is available at extra cost. Know also that we do offer complete decal kits at an additional cost for that authentic look.

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