Molnar Manx Hat

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As Team Molnar Manx continues to achieve and maintain their significant racing successes, as a result, the team is also making their team merchandise available for purchase. Shown below is their stylish black cotton baseball cap and embroidered with the Team Molnar Manx logo. This cap comes in one size only, however this cap is fully adjustable and can accommodate a large range of head sizes. We will maintain an inventory of Molnar Manx team merchandise through BritIron Classics at our US location in Tucson, Arizona in the Sonoran Desert of the American Southwest. If necessary, we can always order Molnar Manx team merchandise as we continue to receive monthly shipments of custom manufactured Norton and Ducati racing spares. Share in the significant historic and iconic pedigree of these magnificent single cylinder racers and show your support for the sport of vintage motorcycle racing and these class leaders.

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