Norton Manx 4 Speed Gearbox

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For purchase is a TTI Norton Manx gearbox as used on the Molnar Manx racers. We find that these gearboxes are manufactured and operate on a completely higher level of precision and performance than what is available in the marketplace today. They are manufactured in New Zealand by Bruce Verdon`s company, TTI. In 10years of racing, the Molnar Manx racers have never experienced even one gearbox failure!! These TTI gearboxes use a modern drum selector mechanism for a positive change with reduced pedal travel, stronger shafts & bigger bearings.

These TTI Laid Down gearboxes are an exact replica of the Norton Manx pre 1957 "Laid Down" box and were developed by TTI in conjunction with TGA/Molnar Precison LTD, with modernized internals. The only deviation from original is that the gearchange shaft diameter is the same as the later AMC boxes, not the bigger diameter spline found on original versions for which there are currently no levers available.

These TTI Norton Manx Gearboxes are only offered with the standard Norton shift change and with the correct Manx shell offset & with the Manx type mainshaft: 22mm of clutch spline plus 15mm of thread. TTI gearboxes use different final drive sprockets from other gearboxes & we can supply each box with one 520 (5/8" x 1/4") sprocket.

Gear ratio`s are: 1.96, 1.46, 1.18, 1.00

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