Norton Manx Rear Shocks by Falcon

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As dealers for Falcon, we offer these rear shock with aluminum bodies. They are simple, lightweight, and with only preload adjustment. We believe that these are very fine rear shocks for a racing Manx Norton. They weigh just 4.64 lbs of 2.1kg per pair. The Falcon rear shocks maintain a classic appearance and look correct supporting any classic racing bike. The Falcon rear shocks can be fitted in the conventional method with the resevoir at bottom, or inverted to minimize sprung weight.

Standard length for a Manx is 13.4". Standard length for a Seeley is 13.9". Other lengths are available in +1/4", +1/2" and +3/4" to accomodate racers who wish to use different or their own geometry setting. Falcon rear shocks are great for racing Manx`s, Seeley G50`s, Seeley & Featherbed Commando`s, other Norton Twins, and every other classic racing motorcycle. Falcon rear shocks can also be used on the road for Cafe Racers and Triton builds. 

We use Manx fittings of 8mm x 19mm bushes at both ends. Seeley has 8mm x 19mm bush at one end, 3/8" x 19mm bush at the other end. Falcon rear shocks are available in black or satin silver, with black springs only. Available with either 60lb, 70lb or 80lb springs. For an 80kg rider on a 125kg Manx we use 70lb springs.

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