Norton, Molnar Manx LH Gear Change Kit

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For purchase is our Left Hand, foot actuated gearchange kit for the Norton "Featherbed" frame, the Seeley frame and for the standard AMC framed G50 & 7R machines. Essentially, we run a crossover shaft under the swing arm pivot spindle, as we believe that this provides optimal options for maintaining the best footrest, gearlever, and brake pedal positions. The feedback from our racers is that our LH gearchange kit it is excellent enhancement to our 6 speed TTI Gearboxes and is beneficial in improving pedal travel for 5 & 4 speed gear boxes as well. Our kit requires the racer to drill holes in your frame, and it is better to braze bosses in position on the frame. These modifications are not obtrusive, but you need to be aware of the necessity.

Further, our left foot change kit assumes that you already have our race footrest kit which is mounted on the swing arm spindle & uses a 5/8" dia x 5/8" long pivot area for the pedals. If you need to order the footrests, they are listed on our Britiron Classics section. Please advise shift direction change that you prefer to use with your left foot change kit. For example, "Road" shift is down for 1st gear, and "Race" shift is up for 1st gear. Our kit allows for swapping between road shift & race shift reasonably easily and Instructions are included. As our kit comes with full instructions, all components are available separately in the event of crash damage.

Additionally, we need to know what change direction your gearbox currently is with a right foot change. There are two options: 1) a straight pedal facing forward, if 1st gear is up or standard "Norton" shift change, and 2) 1st gear is down, that is "Reverse" change. We assume that you have a cable operated rear brake pedal with a 5/16" x 26TPI cable adjuster on the brake plate & a cam operating lever that is no more than 1/4" (6.5mm) thick. If not, we offer the supplementary cable conversion kit.

To best assist you, we will also need to know what rear hub you are using such as the Manx conical unit or something else. We also need information on whether you are using high or low exhaust system set-up. If you have a low level exhaust on the right hand side, it becomes very "busy" in that area and your options are restricted, see picture. With a low pipe and "Norton" change gearbox you can only have "race" shift. With a low pipe and "reverse" change gearbox you can only have "road" shift. Therefore, please contact me at to relay your specific requirements or to provide us with any questions

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