Chain Primary Drive Upgraded Clutch for British Marques

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For purchase is the Chain Drive version of our Belt Driven clutch. Whereas it is not an exact copy of an original item, it has been updated and improved to more effectively integrate directly into a chain driven clutch primary drive. The clutch drum is designed with a 42 tooth structure to suit 1/2" x 5/16" chain as fitted to the Primary Drives on most British motorcycles to include the Triton, Norton Dominator, Manx Norton, AJS 7R and Matchless G50. Centre is machined to fit all AMC gearbox mainshafts and later derivatives (Quaife, TTI etc) The standard center requires a minimum of 22mm of the mainshaft spline length to fit correctly.

Our kit is designed as a 6 spring clutch and fitted as standard with steel plates & bonded fiber plates. Do know that we can supply this clutch with alloy plates & lightweight fiber plates. The clutch drum is made from hard Anodised Aluminum, while the center and pressure plate is natural aluminum in color. We HIGHLY recommend you choose to have the drum lightened because it improves dust clearing in addition to saving 105g in weight. Lightening the Pressure Plates saves 80g and using Alloy Plates saves 315g. The price listed below is for our lightened and best performing Chain Primary Drive Clutch. However, the cost difference is $200 for non-lightened if those items are not chosen. Contact me at for more details.